Hitchhiker is currently available on Windows Store and Steam, below you will find all the details about the game.

City Environment

Explore the city of Newacre. There are 3 distinct urban areas spread across the city district each with different architecture.  As day turns to night the streets are illuminated by the city lights. If the hustle and bustle of the city gets too much relax by taking a walk around park, situated in the south east corner of the map

Look out for points of interest that allow you to get up close to some of the more significant parts of the city. They can be accessed via selecting statues throughout the map.


Intelligent/controllable traffic is at the heart of the game play. Your aim is to get the character across the city to their destination before the time runs out. Catch a lift with any of the cars in the city as they drive past.

Once inside us several different power ups to control the direction of the occupying car and those around it. Stay in a car for too long and the driver will lose patience and kick you out on the kerb.

If car travel is not to your liking, explore the cities rail networks or visit the heliports to travel around quicker

Use challenges and time trials to gain extra experience or coins to unlock more in game rewards


Characters each have a unique ability to aid in the completion of missions and challenges

As you progress through the game you will unlock the higher tier characters which in turn boast higher level abilities.

These abilities range from bonus multipliers to unlimited power ups